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American Income Life: Michael Vasu

Full information about American Income Life: Michael Vasu — 12941 North Freeway #850, Houston, Texas 77060 Texas 77060

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12941 North Freeway #850,
Houston, Texas

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+1 832-327-0800

Finance Insurance agency


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    This job made no sense from beginning to end. I went in thinking I applied for a financial advisor position because that's what the ad said on top of that they ask for 200 to get study info finger pint and test I ask if I could get my study material from somewhere so I wouldn't have to pay the 50 bucks they said no and I thought to myself why do I need your material for a state wide exam, just another way for them to get money out of you these guys are full of sh*** I ask may I go out get my license and come back they say no I got to go thru them. I say walk away from this stupid sh*** you get paid base off policy they just trying to recruit you so they can make more money you might As while sale vacuums for a living and be an door to door salesman
    By Poetic Mind, July 27, 2017
  • This company is amazing and the people working here are so caring and truly want to change the lives of everyone they hire. You have opportunities here that you can't receive in any other working environment, and the benefits they sell truly do help people in their time of need not months later like other companies. The Vasu Agency is a wonderful company with high standards and values and I am proud to be serving in the Houston office!
    By Shaante Feaster, July 27, 2017
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